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So Guys, has anyone heard either way yet? I got my letter today to… - Forest School Camps [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
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[Mar. 3rd, 2006|07:25 pm]
Forest School Camps


So Guys, has anyone heard either way yet? I got my letter today to say i'm going on south cornwall 2- and my little brother got his letter last week to say he hasn't got in this year. Which is a real shame, but now he gets to go to australia and canada, so its not too bad.

It was really hard this year, as most of you probably know.
Oh yeah! and for anyone who didn't get in and is a pathfinder, i got an email, and i'm meant to pass it on, but my email is a bit fucked at the minute so i'll post it instead and you should spread the word around:

SORRY guys...this is the same email agian but we forgot a vital point of information before. this is that OSCAR is also a key organiser...so you can contact him too. his number is...07896247084.

heya...im not sure if you remember us but its bea and lizzie and OSCAR from fsc..(you will know us seperately..not like "lizzie and bea AND OSCAR")

about 60 pathfinders have been rejected from week one camps this year..including us..so we decided to take action & orgainise our own version......
it will be exactly the same, except just pathfinders...and probably no actual staff as they'll all want to go on real camp.
It will be at exactly the same time as camp too so theres no worries about holidays and stuff. We're going to have like a store tent and real camp food and clans and stuff too..so its exciting stuff!
if you didnt get on like us... and are interested in our camp thing...OR if you know someone who didnt get on forward them this email, then you can contact us about it either by email or phone:
Lizzie: 07817834750

Bea: 07786418125
OSCAR: 07896247084

Hope you get in touchhhh!
Blue skies! xxxx
p.s plaese send this to everyone on camp you have the email of...so word spreads!

[User Picture]From: surexit
2006-03-03 12:07 pm (UTC)
I'm on Silver Fox's Easter camp. Applied for Danbury, but it's kinda a yay anyway, because Silver Fox is wicked.

That Pathfinder camp sounds very interesting.
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[User Picture]From: suspect_package
2006-03-03 12:09 pm (UTC)
Wow, revolution!

Best of luck with it, hope you manage to pull off a blinder!
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[User Picture]From: clanger
2006-03-03 02:30 pm (UTC)
oh i have absolutely nothing to do with it- i'm just spreading the word- i'm on a camp already.
but it is a bit revolutionary. sounds like too much hard work and a strange kind of camp.
but if you like that kind of thing...
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[User Picture]From: absurd_luck
2006-03-03 12:33 pm (UTC)
Heh Heh Heh

I passed it on to potential Pathfinders.

Sounds awesome.

Don't think I'll camp this year anyways.
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[User Picture]From: deltaxdawn
2006-03-04 11:24 am (UTC)
I got my letter today, im going on south cornwall 2 too, yay!!!
well i guess i will meet you in person in august!

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[User Picture]From: clanger
2006-03-05 05:58 am (UTC)
Arghh how exciting! can i add you and then we can be really sad and say we've met on the internet before camp and stuff.
actually can we not and keep it all a secret?
Anna x
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[User Picture]From: clanger
2006-03-05 05:59 am (UTC)
i'm still adding you btw.
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[User Picture]From: deltaxdawn
2006-03-07 09:48 am (UTC)
hahaha sounds good to me!!
do you have msn?
well if you do, add me: nightxshade@hotmail.co.uk
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